Dreamy, juicy, lovely GCUC: Banff edition — Infinite Zenergy

This hopeless romantic has always held a big place in her heart for the
Canadian Rockies. The same can also be said about the coworking industry.
So when the opportunity arose for those two worlds to collide, it was a
no-brainer that I absolutely had to be there
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Published by Daryn DeZengotita

I'm a Coworking Catalyst and Hospitality is my Super Power. At Table Coworking, we consult with churches to transform their underutilized space into vibrant, creative community centers. As one of Harvard Divinity School's Innovative Community Leaders, we are exploring new forms of joyful belonging and tribe gathering. One more thing - I founded the North Texas Coworking Alliance to support the movement and independent space owners. I hold a Journalism degree from Texas A&M and have oodles of years of experience in content marketing and direct sales.

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