Leave it to the incomparable Susan Dorsch of Seattle’s Office Nomads to reduce me to a puddle on a Thursday afternoon. It’s been a minute since I was an active daily Community Manager. I can remember when I would go sit in my car for a bit just to catch my breath. There were always piles of things to do – projects and marketing and new members and . . .

Thats Mike, exhausted from his waffle-making duties at Seattle’s Office Nomads.

But there were connections and conversations. There was creativity and MAGIC! This post captured so very well a thing that is so hard to describe without living it.

As you ride the bus home, you think “Did I actually do anything today?” It feels like the list of things to do only got longer. It’s like everything happened and nothing happened all at once. But there was coffee. And cookies. Laughs. Learning. Printer troubles. And we’ll do it all again – or something altogether different – tomorrow.

It’s almost impossible to describe to churchfolk! How can this daily grind of being a daily grind possibly create the kind of elevated environment we somehow think is church?

The most important work you do is the work you do every day to foster a safe, comfortable, and supportive community. The members in front of you (not the potential ones “out there” waiting for you) and the community they help create are what makes your coworking community stand out from the rest. The connections you have with one another are your north star. Those days where you felt like you got nothing done because you were talking with members all day? Those are probably the days you are doing the most work to keep your business strong and healthy. And when new members come to your doors they’ll see the love and energy that is created in your space and they’ll want to stay.

That’s it exactly. It’s where the sacred is found in the mundane. And you don’t have to subscribe to any particular set of beliefs. You just know.

Thanks, Susan.

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