Review: Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule

Today’s Marketing Calendar in CoSchedule

For the past few weeks, I have been testing a new content management platform – CoSchedule. I decided to check out some options when Hootsuite changed their pricing. I’ve used Hootsuite for years, but the new price structure was no longer right for me.

For years, I have been a big fan of being able to sit down once a week and load up a calendar with all the socials for 7-10 days out. Having a drag & drop calendar to post and re-post content may not be the most thoughtful or strategic way to do it, but for a solopreneur, it sure is efficient! It gives you time for more creativity on newer content.

CoSchedule is a game changer for this strategy! Each post has a built-in campaign “coach” right there ready to use BEFORE you publish. For example, there’s a prompt to write a new headline or caption for a re-post tomorrow, next week, next month and on a custom future date. When you are so ready to be done with a post, we often don’t take time to think about how to further leverage this content. You just worked really hard on it – give it a little more life!

And, sure, you have every intention of going back and queuing up old content. But life happens. Our immediate tasks beckon for our attention and our intentions fall away. (Funny how I’ve slipped into pronouns making this about YOU, and not ME!)

Another favorite feature: Headline Studio. Marketing guru Cat Johnson encourages her CoLabbers to write 25 different headlines for each post! And she suggests writing them BEFORE you write the post.

I gotta tell you – it’s a tall order for me. CoSchedule’s Headline Studio gives me a tool with solid suggestions to improve my writing. I’ll take anything that removes that soul-sucking process of staring at a blank page waiting for inspo!

Note: Headline Studio is a separate product from CoSchedule, but I wanted to include it in this review because it is a stellar example of how these folks create innovative tools.

I plan to use the integrations with HubSpot and WordPress. I’ve already set them up – it was very simple and took only a few minutes. But I haven’t taken a deep dive yet. For WordPress, it eliminates the need to switch back and forth – the CoSchedule prompts appear right there under your post just like some SEO plug ins.

Last feature to mention may be one that gets overlooked or under promoted be cause it’s so simple: Ideas. I have been using Trello as the place to “organize” my ideas for awhile. I put quotes around “organize” because ugh. What was meant to be a parking lot for future brilliance became a dumping ground where great ideas go to die. It may be that items on CoSchedule’s Ideas list will suffer the same fate, but I’m hopeful. There is something about having that list on the same screen that is a constant little voice, “Hey! Remember us? Lot’s of great stuff over here. When you are running dry for new content, we are right here waiting for you!”

Quick Notes:

Live Chat? Really. Every time I’ve had a question, there’s a knowledgeable person with a real answer right on the spot. Very patient, very human.

Referral Program. Not only to they offer simple-to-use referral links – here’s mine – they encourage you to write a review. Kinda like the one you are reading now! And they provide great resources to make it easier. Really smart strategy here, y’all. Want great reviews of your product? Make it easy for people and give them what they need. Also, make the reward worth it. A 50% discount is very generous. Bye bye, Hootsuite!

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