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This morning, I got an email from one of my favorite people: Sandra Lewis. Several years ago, when we were dreaming of transforming a big church kitchen into a commercial kitchen, Sandra was one of our first collaborators. When I learned that her business was called “Life at the Table,” I knew she had to be #InTheMix.

Sandra taught classes and beta tested the kitchen while we struggled to get it certified for commercial use. Her whole business was centered on what she called the most important question of the day: What’s for dinner?

Recently, she has pivoted to focus on corporate team building. It’s such a natural for her, as she had a corporate career before she decided to follow her dream and enroll at Le Cordon Bleu. Just look at these darling boxes she prepared for an event for ebay.

Since it looks like virtual events are going to be our go-to for gatherings for a little while longer, Sandra is highly recommended for a fun way to connect with your coworking members and their teams.

And, by the way, if you want to put that big ol’ church kitchen to work, let’s chat about it! Every Friday at Virtual Potluck Lunch.

Here is what she sent this morning:

It’s time to get cooking.
So you can do what’s really important: Converse. Connect. Create Community.

Take a peek inside our kitchen and learn why you should book a virtual culinary team building event with Life At The Table.

Need a reason to book a virtual culinary team building event? We’ve got three really good ones.

Even though Homer Simpson thinks you don’t win friends with salad, we do. Learn how to make a great one in this upcoming virtual cooking class; watch a fun TikTok demo of this virtual class here.

Register here and use coupon code SEPT15%OFF. This discount will apply to any class purchased between now and September 15.

And, hey, watermelons are still in the store. Pick a great watermelon with these tips and spend some juicy time around the table.

Until next time, spend as much time as you can doing what’s really important in life – sharing the table with family and friends.

Note: Just got off the phone with Sandra. Haven’t talked to her in forever and it was so good to hear her voice. We are having coffee soon! Have you picked up the phone and called an old friend lately? Highly recommended. #DismantleLoneliness

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