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I’ve spent the past few weeks assisting the Soularize team with an upcoming “global learning party.” During the pandemic, many of us have explored how to use technology to create hybrid events that are accessible to all. For those of us in the community-building business, it became apparent pretty quickly that there was no returning to the Before Times when people were required to come face to face.

The question is: How to improve on the experience for all?

Soularize LIVE is a unique experiment in this regard. It’s a 20-year old gathering of folks from the “emerging” church movement. You will find many definitions for that term, but these are thought leaders who spent some time wrestling with the Big Questions and came away fully loving queerfolk and really doubting a literal Hell. Here in 2021, we find our Millennials breaking away from the evangelical megachurches of their youth and encountering a painful process termed “deconstruction.”

Spencer Burke is the founder of the event and one of those early leaders. His 2006 work, A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity, was influential for the massive population shift that became “Spiritual But Not Religious.” I have gotten to know him through his work of applying Lean Methodology to Spiritual Entrepreneurship. Now, Spencer is getting the gang back together for a time such as this.

“Now more than ever, it is a critical time for people to gather with real purpose. A time to bring people of different backgrounds together to discuss the important issues of the day in terms of Humane Spiritualty. We call these people visionaries and changemakers because they have seen this coming. And they are ready to meet the moment.”

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I hope that you will consider attending this event. A full pass is only twenty bucks! And the workshops are already available NOW. That’s why it’s a hybrid – designed for you to view the content at your own pace and then engage with the community in real time. It’s truly an experiment, so your feedback will be greatly appreciated as well.

Below, I’ve highlighted a few workshops focused on social entrepreneurship. It’s amazing to see churchfolk begin to view this as an innovative and authentic method for connecting with neighbors and serving the community!

I’m here for it.

🍏 Daryn

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God’s Mixed Ecology: The Changing Spiritual Landscape
The church has put all its eggs in the inherited, attractional models, and it’s not working. Thankfully, there is more at play! In this session, we’ll take a look at how the spiritual landscape is changing, what it means for the inherited church, how leaders are impacted and what is needed to sustain life in this mixed ecology.

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Rabbi Elan Babchuck walks us through the best practices of creating and delivering your start-up pitch. It’s powerful information for anyone interested in taking an idea off the drawing board and out to those interested in getting involved and supporting your project.

Power of Start-Ups (1)

“The world has changed. The faith landscape has changed. As the ground shifts beneath us, faith communities are trending toward small thinking just as the world needs us to bring our boldest and most visionary ideas to bear. Through the stories and lessons of some of the world’s most successful social innovators, we’ll explore mindsets and strategies for creating high-impact social change. We’ll also look at the unique assets faith communities bring to solving the world’s most challenging problems.”
Danielle Goldstone, innoFaith

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Y’all know I’m a Thistle Farmer from way back! I think I quote Becca Stevens at least once every time I speak and I stop for lunch at Thistle Farms Cafe whenever I visit mom in Tennessee – both coming and going. It’s simply the best social enterprise in the history of everything ever. I said what I said.

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