Founder Chosen for Glean’s START National Fellowship

Unique initiative prepares faith leaders as spiritual entrepreneurs in the changing religious landscape.

Daryn DeZengotita, Founder of Table Coworking, has been selected for the prestigious START program, Glean Network’s landmark, MBA-level entrepreneurship fellowship. Developed with Columbia Business School, the program prepares leaders to launch new ventures designed to serve their constituents in light of the shifting American religious landscape. Daryn will be part of the sixth cohort for this competitive national fellowship.  Glean Network is a growing community of faith-rooted leaders who find themselves at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, seeking to reimagine the role of faith in a world that yearns for meaning, belonging, and justice. With partners like Columbia Business SchoolChaplaincy Innovation Lab, and a number of national religious denominations and organizatGlean Network has quickly grown to national prominence. With hundreds of leaders trained, over 100 ventures incubated, and over $12 million raised by its graduates, Glean Network has become a center for the reimagining of faith, and a key training ground for visionary leaders like Daryn.

Glean Network is a sponsored program of Clal, a Jewish think-tank focused on pluralism, innovation, and the future of faith in America. To interview any of the fellows or Glean Network’s Founding Director, Rabbi Elan Babchuck, please contact Rabbi Elan Babchuck at

I’m so thrilled to share the news of my participation in this fellowship. The other participants and the alumni come from such a wide array of experiences! We are halfway through the program at this point and I have learned, and re-learned, so much. I am grateful to my spectacular coaches Rabbi Elan Babchuck and Rodney Eric López and to the network of partners who support this work.
One of my next tasks is to conduct a series of surveys as part of the Discovery process in the Lean Faith Canvas methodology we are using. If you would like to participate in the survey or a full informational interview, please let me know. This data will be vital to creating sustainable programs and benefits in the year to come. 

— Daryn

Published by Daryn DeZengotita

I'm a Coworking Catalyst and Hospitality is my Super Power. At Table Coworking, we consult with churches to transform their underutilized space into vibrant, creative community centers. As one of Harvard Divinity School's Innovative Community Leaders, we are exploring new forms of joyful belonging and tribe gathering. One more thing - I founded the North Texas Coworking Alliance to support the movement and independent space owners. I hold a Journalism degree from Texas A&M and have oodles of years of experience in content marketing and direct sales.

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