A Love Letter from Office Nomads

Leave it to the incomparable Susan Dorsch of Seattle's Office Nomads to reduce me to a puddle on a Thursday afternoon. It's been a minute since I was an active daily Community Manager. I can remember when I would go sit in my car for a bit just to catch my breath. There were always piles … Continue reading A Love Letter from Office Nomads

Dreamy, juicy, lovely GCUC: Banff edition — Infinite Zenergy

This hopeless romantic has always held a big place in her heart for the Canadian Rockies. The same can also be said about the coworking industry. So when the opportunity arose for those two worlds to collide, it was a no-brainer that I absolutely had to be there — Read on http://www.infinitezenergy.com/blog/2018/10/26/dreamy-juicy-lovely-gcuc-banff

Let’s Have Some Fun . . . Seriously.

When did everything get so serious? During the month of May, our friends at Every Monday Matters remind us that we are allowed to have a little fun: Sure, we get it. We all have responsibilities—there’s homework to do, deadlines at work, errands to run, chores to finish, bills to pay, exercise to get in—but … Continue reading Let’s Have Some Fun . . . Seriously.

The Toxicity of Loneliness

https://youtu.be/le0dfcG_jVw It's always a good time to share this video. Though it is slightly out of date, it is still the very best reminder of why coworking in a church makes so much sense. Yes, we promote creativity. Yes, we support productivity. But the very most important thing we do in the coworking movement is … Continue reading The Toxicity of Loneliness