big table memphis

a pilgrimage for changemakers

october 27 - 30, 2022

"Explore and experience some of the finest examples of intentional, collaborative, and community-led placemaking in North America. You can’t help but be inspired by the collective impact these organizations continue to achieve."

Ashley Proctor, Creative Blueprint, Event Producer

four days to spark your imagination

four days to spark
your imagination

Four days of exploration in one of the most creative and diverse cities in the world. Taste the cuisine, dance to the music and hear the stories of places that have been transformed by true love and true grit.

agenda highlights
Enjoy scheduled activities, plus plenty of unstructured time for conversation, reflection and fun!
day one:

arrival & welcome

  • Taste of Memphis Buffet & Mocktails
  • Dinner in Community
  • Evening Session
  • Enjoy the Cooper-Young Entertainment District
day two: morning

exploration & reflection

  • Yoga on the Deck or Labyrinth Walk
  • Full Breakfast & Coffee Bar
  • Guided Bus Tour of Historic Neighborhood
afternoon venue

Crosstown Concourse

  • Storytellers from Crosstown Arts, Church Health & More
  • Lunch: Chef's Tasting with Culinary Entrepreneurs
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Sustainability/Design, Community Engagement, Arts & Health Integration & More

happy hour q&a

  • enjoy light bites and craft brews
  • diy dinner
  • Beale Street? Civil Rights Museum? Graceland? Here's your chance!
day three: morning

inspiration & transformation

  • Yoga on the Deck or Labyrinth Walk
  • Full Breakfast & Coffee Bar
  • Greetings from First Congo Leadership
  • Tour: Art Studio, Bike Shop, Theater, Social Justice Center, Food Justice Ministry . . . All. The. Things.
afternoon venue

first congo

  • Full Lunch in Community
  • Group Service Project
  • Discussion & Self-Guided Exploration
  • Rest & Reflection
  • Sending Forth for Those Departing

let's boogie

  • BBQ on the Deck
  • Live Music
  • Halloween Costumes Welcome!
  • Enjoy Cooper-Young Entertainment District
day four: morning

sending forth

  • Coffee Bar & Pastries
  • Sunday Service with the People of First Congo, or
  • Brunch On Your Own

Join community leaders from the coworking movement, social justice advocates, creative arts visionaries, historic preservationists, sustainability designers and progressive activists from all wisdom traditions.

Bring Your Stories. You are the experts.

Big Table Memphis


Daryn DeZengotita
Daryn DeZengotita

Daryn is a people gatherer and space animator. With ten years in the coworking movement, she now is focused on bringing new life to unused public and sacred spaces. She navigates the overlap between new forms of community and the old forms they will replace.

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Ashley Proctor
Ashley Proctor

For 18 years, Ashley has helped thousands of artists, businesses, and community organizers to achieve their vision – as well as meaningful social impact – through authentic engagement and partnerships with their local communities. Creative Blueprint specializes in the seemingly impossible – dreaming big, dismantling the status quo, and inspiring great change.

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A limited number of rooms are available for $35 - $50 per night at our host venue. Most rooms are dorm style with a few private and semi-private. Common spaces are big, comfy rooms and tables designed for conversation. All rooms have been reserved for this event - we have the whole place. And yes, we have stayed here - a few times. There are plenty of bathrooms and it's very clean!

Hostels not your thing? We suggest staying within walking distance in the Cooper-Young Neighborhood.


what else?

Who's Coming?
Join our network at Big Table to connect with fellow travelers, find a roomie and ask all the questions.
Need Financial Help?
We want this event to be affordable to all. If you need a discounted ticket price, just let us know and we will send a special payment link.
Are there any accessibility accommodations we can make to ensure your experience is a great one? Please visit Big Table to tell us more.
What About Being Fully Vaxxed?
Yes. Do that. Do it now. We will be following all CDC guidelines for a safe and healthy event for all. Therefore, all plans are subject to change.

partners & sponsors

Table Coworking
Church Health
Creative Blueprint
Hostel Memphis
Make Shift muse
Women Who Cowork


We recognize and acknowledge that this event will take place in the historic Homeland of the Chickasaw Nation they inhabited. Memphis, and all of Tennessee, were the long-established territory for many indigenous peoples prior to their forced removal and unforeseen extinction. We have a responsibility to acknowledge the peoples and histories of these lands. Our ability to live and visit here results from direct coercion, forced dispossession, and deliberate colonization. To ignore that is to perpetuate injustice to populations of people that no longer exist in this state, yet, have established significant societies elsewhere in this country. The City of Memphis respects the diverse communities it touches, including those who occupied this territory originally, those brought to it by force, and those who settled here in search of better circumstances. We understand that territorial acknowledgment is only a gesture, but it represents the beginning of our commitment to justice and reconciliation in the United States.