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Burn Out: The Other Side of the Hustle.

by Daryn DeZengotita on

A few days ago, it was pure #joy to gather with Women Who Cowork. The veterans around the virtual table were beaming and nodding as the two rookies were seeking support for the challenging work of getting a space launched. We had been there and we assured them that they were doing JUST FINE! Also, I think we could all say that we both missed and didn't miss those early days. The energy and hustle are exhilarating! The fear and sleepless nights are not.

Lately, I've been talking and writing about church folks needing to learn some hustle from the entrepreneur community. But I need to acknowledge that working full out every day can be exhausting. It's telling to realize that of all the veterans, not one owns and operates a space today. I firmly believe that if we had this kind of support for our own wellness - mental and physical, that might be different.

One of the most critical assets to every #coworking space is the Community Manager. When we are hiring, we often refer to it as a Unicorn Hunt. This person needs to have it all:

  • 5 Star-level hospitality
  • Nordstrom-level customer service
  • Seminary-level pastoral care / therapist
  • Mr. Clean-level space upkeep
  • Brene Brown-level authenticity
  • Always-Be-Closing-level sales skills

📣 Hey, vets. What would you add to this list? Bring it in the comments!

And, sadly, all for a fairly modest income. You will find that most of the unicorns are of the female variety - thus it's not usually a well-paid position across the industry. They deserve much more than most start-up spaces are able to pay. I am a big fan of providing this person with a good support network of Community Animators who help out daily.

I want to thank the WWCO squad for being there for both the veterans and the rookies. Iris Kavanagh is the uber-expert of the Unicorn Hunt. And Laura Shook-Guzman is the wise woman who will guide you in listening to your BODY and trusting your instincts.

Today is a good day to listen to your mind, body, and soul even when you're in deep action mode!⁣ ⁣In some seasons, the only route is to force yourself through it and say, "I gotta get it done." It's time to welcome a new season that adds, "Where can I find help?" Can you think of a person who recently said, "Let me know if you need any help!"

That phrase should STOP YOU IN YOUR TRACKS. Even if you don't have a specific request right then, your reply should be, "Thank you so much! Could you come by for a few hours on Wednesday or Thursday? I could use your help then." Then you have some time to figure out what you need and to prepare a brief or checklist for them. #DelegateLikeABoss

It's 100% okay to show up the best you can be and to ask for help. Be flexible. Work smarter, not harder. It feels awesome holding space for myself and not going down the deep workaholic path I used to follow for all the wrong reasons.

Have you been holding space for yourself or asking for help lately? What does that look like for you?⁣

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