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#ComeCurious: Crosstown Concourse

by Daryn DeZengotita on

Our friends at Every Monday Matters are exploring a big topic this month:


They kicked it off with an exploration of curiosity

One of our venues for the Memphis Pilgrimage is Crosstown Concourse, where the signature hashtag is #ComeCurious.

Matthew Emerzian at EMM says it so well:

... regaining our childlike instinct to discover and learn presents us with the exciting and fascinating opportunity to grow, connect, and better understand. So, let’s see where our curiosity leads us, and then ask another question… “How?” How can I use this new information to help myself and others feel valued and acknowledged? How can I use this new information to make our world a better place? Ask questions. Find answers. Then cherish and celebrate what you discover. Curiosity matters.