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Events: Creative Mornings

by Daryn DeZengotita on

Creative Mornings is the world's largest face-to-face creative community. And there's a pretty good chance they are having breakfast tomorrow at a location near you! If not, you might want to become a host site.

This month, their theme is "Ethos." In the coworking movement, I think we call this "Vibe."

Ethos is that specific quality that defines a place, time, or group of people. When you step into a room, a busy downtown, or a community gathering, you intuit its spirit. A messy DIY space invites experimentation and mistakes, a lus

h city park promises tranquility to anyone who seeks it. Maybe you even know of a monthly event where everyone is welcome and everything is free of charge. 

At its core is a paradox: despite the specificity of an ethos, it’s impossible to pinpoint or trace to a specific origin. What honed that distinctive sensibility is long gone, vanished into myth. 

With our actions and words, we embody these values and beliefs beyond conscious knowing. In turn, we subtly shape the ethos that our descendants — of family, of place — will receive from us. Ethos is alchemic, ineffable, and infinitely ponderable across place and culture. What ways of moving through the world did you inherit?

Here in the Dallas area, join Creative Mornings on Friday, October 14th, at Common Desk - Continental Gin Location in Deep Ellum to hear Dora Zeneth Reynosa speak about Ethos.

Known as Zeneth, Dora Zeneth Reynosa is a Mexican visual artist and muralist who works to reconnect viewers to their inner child through abstract designs characterized by patterns, movement, and playfulness. Her art contains a child-like frankness inspired by Modernist compositions, Mesoamerican glyphs, and the human need for expression.