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Hostel Memphis: So Coworky!

by Daryn DeZengotita on

Our primary lodging host is Hostel Memphis located at First Congregational Church in the historic Cooper-Young neighborhood.

Have you ever stayed in a hostel? Well, like most things, they vary in cleanliness, friendliness and weirdness. Hostel Memphis is at the top of the range in all of those categories! For those of us who really want some extra hanging out time, this is the place for you.


What's a hostel?

A hostel is good quality, sustainable accommodation that offers a comfortable night’s sleep in a friendly atmosphere at an affordable price. Hostels provide the perfect way to get to know a place at low cost and meet many like-minded travelers while using the communal facilities such as the bar, lounge or kitchen. Hostels offer a wide range of accommodation including shared rooms (either single sex or mixed) and private rooms. Private rooms are becoming increasingly popular at our hostels, making hostels open to families and couples as well as individuals and groups. (Source: Hostelling International)

Is it clean?

I have personally stayed at this hostel on five separate occasions now. Every time, it has been VERY clean in every aspect: bathrooms, bed linens, towels, kitchen and common spaces.

Will there be a bunch of weirdos there?

Well, yes, but they are OUR weirdos. We have booked the whole hostel just for the BigTable pilgrimage.

How do I book a space?

Let me know if you want a private room ($60/night) or a shared room ($35/night.) The private rooms will go quickly!