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🎸Memphis in October - a Pilgrimage for Change Makers

by Daryn DeZengotita on

An Invitation - Please Join Us.

October 27-30
First Congregational Church of Memphis & Crosstown Concourse
Organized by Daryn DeZengotita & Ashley Proctor

Four Days to Spark Your Imagination

Four days of exploration in one of the most creative and diverse cities in the world. Taste the cuisine, dance to the music, and hear the stories of places that have been transformed by true love and true grit.


"For three years, I have dreamed of inviting my friends and colleagues to see these extraordinary places. When Ashley agreed to produce and travel began to open up, the dream became a reality. It's time to be together again and live into all of our senses and wonder and drinks and hugs. It's time to reclaim joy!"

-- Daryn DeZengotita, Event Creator

Join community leaders from the coworking movement, social justice advocates, creative arts visionaries, historic preservationists, sustainability designers, and progressive activists from all religious and wisdom traditions. These are places of transformation and innovation beyond description - you just have to be there.

"Explore and experience some of the finest examples of intentional, collaborative, and community-led placemaking in North America. You can’t help but be inspired by the collective impact these organizations continue to achieve."

-- Ashley Proctor, Creative Blueprint, Event Producer

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