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Potluck Lunch

Every Friday, pull up a chair for this Open Q&A for animating places of joyful belonging!

How To Combat Virtual Meeting Fatigue

We’re now spending 5x more time in meetings, and this shift is causing challenges across the entire organization. Marketers and sellers are struggling to capture and keep the attention of their buyers; HR is figuring out how to keep employees happy while supporting their flexibility; and IT is now a key stakeholder in return-to-work strategies andContinue reading "How To Combat Virtual Meeting Fatigue"

Plano Coworking Weekly Check-In

Plano Community Coworking 3160 E Spring Creek Pkwy, Plano

Log on with the Community Coworking lead team for a quick check-in and progress update. Shortly after the new year, we will be in "soft launch" mode and offering memberships for in-person and virtual coworking. If you would like to learn more . . . and especially if you would like to join the organizingContinue reading "Plano Coworking Weekly Check-In"