When humans come together in a meaningful way, magic happens. Communities create trust, seed lifelong friendships, encourage collaborations, spark ideas, unlock resources and give people a sense of home and safety. In a meaningful community we feel that we belong, we are reminded that we are not alone and that we are surrounded by people who care about us.  The Community Canvas


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Update Video

Casper & Angie at TMF

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Why Coworking?


1.7 Million Members Will Work in Coworking Spaces by the End of 2018

The First Space …


Telling the Story …

Note: Rev. Mitchell Boone was asked to share the story with the Council of Bishops at their recent gathering in Dallas.

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Not Alone Mondays

How Coworking Is Bringing Life Back To Underutilized Buildings

Other Spaces and Their Stories…

The Grove – Where it all began

Haw Creek Commons – An unusual collaboration

Arts Mission Oak Cliff – No longer a church, and yet . . .

Central Christian Church of Dallas – SyncLife Coworking  #MindfulCoworking #TheDecelerator
Rev. Dr. Ken Crawford: “Coworking & The Reign of God” and “The Church is Open for Business

GoodWork – Listen to the words these folks use! Look at this building. Why do we think we need to plant in new spaces? Plant a new thing in an old space!

What else?

Bivocational clergy and laity – uniquely gifted to be Community Animators

Social Impact Corporations / Social Entrepreneurism / B Corps
Doing Well by Doing Good

Expression of Radical Hospitality by Flinging the Doors Open

Any church can start NOW. It all starts . . . at The Table.

Table Coworking Overview