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We partner with church leaders and social entrepreneurs to implement financially sustainable solutions for serving your neighborhood through coworking, event programming and community building.

Daryn DEzengotita | Table coworking

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“Keep your eye on this one. Daryn is doing some of the most important work I can think of right now and that’s bringing coworking into underutilized churches. Also, she makes me laugh and laugh and laugh and I value that over almost anything.”

Angel Kwiatkowski

“I am a testament to the openness and acceptance that one can find within Table Coworking. A Jew filling a church with the aroma of fresh bagels out of the oven, serving his customers and coworkers alike. This isn’t a scene you encounter in any old church or any new coworking space.”

Oren Salomon

“Churches often struggle to foster the kinds of deep relationships that require more time than Sunday mornings allow. But if we can provide a daily gathering place where folks can drop their masks and be their authentic selves, it might just have a ripple effect that in turn inspires a partner, a family, a neighborhood . . . a world.”

Ken Crawford

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Founder Chosen for Glean’s START National Fellowship

Unique initiative prepares faith leaders as spiritual entrepreneurs in the changing religious landscape. Daryn DeZengotita, Founder of Table Coworking, has been selected for the prestigious START program, Glean Network’s landmark, MBA-level entrepreneurship fellowship. Developed with Columbia Business School, the program prepares leaders to launch new ventures designed to serve their constituents in light of the shifting American religious landscape. DarynContinue reading “Founder Chosen for Glean’s START National Fellowship”

Get Ready for Soularize Live!

I’ve spent the past few weeks assisting the Soularize team with an upcoming “global learning party.” During the pandemic, many of us have explored how to use technology to create hybrid events that are accessible to all. For those of us in the community-building business, it became apparent pretty quickly that there was no returningContinue reading “Get Ready for Soularize Live!”


Daryn DeZengotita
Work Together, People LLC

photo credit: Frank Darko