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Updated: Monday, November 8, 2021
Community builders are always looking for ways to keep our focus on our purpose – for ourselves and our people. Having a shared focus, even for a brief moment, with zillions of other people is one way to build community. And it’s why I love Every Monday Matters.

In November, our focus often turns to gratitude. This month, let’s turn our gratitude outward and show our appreciation!

When we hold appreciation close to our heart and make it as necessary to our thriving as we do food and water, being appreciative becomes a part of our essence and we show it everywhere we go. So let’s make sure appreciation is an even deeper part of our DNA. It will change how we see the world, how we interact with others, and how we see ourselves. And, for the record, we appreciate you making this month all about appreciation. Being appreciative matters.

Emerzian, Every Monday Matters

Don’t Lose Sight.

Does it feel like you have spent a little less time being appreciative or grateful over the past nearly two years? Kind of like the burden of the pandemic, social injustice, political division, working from home, children in and out of school, and the uncertainty of what tomorrow brings have made it harder to don a smile and feel joy in your heart? If you relate to this, please know you are not alone. In fact, it has been researched and studied, and humanity as a whole feels the same. Full post here.

Treat Yourself.

Does taking a moment to be kind to yourself sound good to you? We hope so. It needs to become a part of your daily routine, for the better we are there for ourselves, the better we can be there for other people as well. So have fun and feel it, because you earned it. Treating yourself matters. Full post here.

Offer To Help.

Why it is so challenging for us to ask for or receive help? We might just have to ask the dreaded question, “Can I help you with anything?” Be prepared to get a “No, I’m good” in return, but don’t let them off the hook. Help or bust. Offering to help matters. Full post here.

Community Building Through Shared Focus

I’m a fan of Every Monday Matters because of their weekly inspiration. They provide ideas for simple acts of kindness and general better-world making every Monday. In the church world, clergy and teachers may use a common lectionary , a practice dating to early Christian congregations who took their cues from the worship practices of the synagogue to determine the readings for the service.

EMM came to my attention after one of the mass school shootings a few years ago. The message that “you matter” was a powerful response to the lost souls who got their hands on weapons and destroyed lives.

One of the mass school shootings. It’s horrifying that I can’t even remember which one.

I do know this: on a regular basis, we need to be brought back to why we do this work. I think it can be well summarized by reminding our people that they matter. We all need to KNOW, really KNOW, that we matter. Mondays are a great place to start.

Throughout the week, visit Big Table to post your ideas and get practical suggestions on how to use the theme to engage your community members.


Feeling like you don’t matter?