Oren Salomon, Dallas Fort Work

“I am a testament to the openness and acceptance that one can find within table coworking.

A Jew filling a church with the aroma of fresh bagels out of the oven, serving his customers and coworkers alike. This isn’t a scene you encounter in any old church or any new coworking space.”

Angel Kwiatkowski, Cohere Coworking

“Keep your eye on this one.

Daryn is doing some of the most important work I can think of right now and that’s bringing coworking into underutilized churches. Also, she makes me laugh and laugh and laugh and I value that over almost anything.”

Tracy Pell, Market Stuff

“This is the best and most innovative use of space in my neighborhood. Which also happens to be my office.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is and how thankful I am that this place now exists.”