Ken Crawford
On coworking and church partnerships: “The purpose of the church is to help people develop full and whole lives of flourishing. This includes both nurturing their professional lives, and nurturing community among them. It is central to the mission of the church. It is in no way tangential, peripheral nor incidental. It is The Gospel for our time. What must shift is the way we understand the existence of the church and its mission. We do not question that it is go2od and right for us to host food pantries, job readiness programs, tutoring or any other similar life enhancement activity. In fact, we typically look to Matthew 25:33-45 where we find ‘I was hungry and you fed me … I was a stranger and you took me in…’ Coworking, including enthusiastically welcoming for-profit entrepreneurs and remote workers, is absolutely the work of the church. To not do this, in this time, is to neglect those in our midst whom Jesus calls us to serve. If we have to do some additional bookkeeping in the process, so be it.”

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