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Meet Me In Memphis: Ashley Proctor

by Daryn DeZengotita on

When planning began for the BigTable Memphis Pilgrimage, I knew I needed help. Upon learning that Ashley Proctor, a veteran of the coworking movement and event producer, might be available - I made the call.

Like so many folks I work with, she was tentative about working with an event that might be "religious." Also, like many folks I work with, she has pretty good reasons to feel that way.

Over time, and through working together, I think Ashley began to understand a cornerstone of this work - the need for reconciliation.

She says:

"Now more than ever we need to create and expand our networks of mutual aid, to keep organizing strategically to make meaningful progress in our communities.

I’m going to Memphis because I want to learn from and with these collaborative and impactful organizations.

You wouldn’t normally find me in a church, but I’ve learned the most growth comes from the edges of our comfort zone. If we are working towards reconciliation, repair, and justice in any form, we need to practice navigating these layers of complexity in our partnerships with wisdom traditions, corporations, and government, as well as with community-led organizations and initiatives."

Thanks, Ash. See you there.