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Podcast 🎧 Table Talk with Paul Nixon

by Daryn DeZengotita on

From the wayback machine. Here is a chat with Epicenter's Paul Nixon for the UMC's Discipleship Ministries. 

"In this episode of the Field Preachers podcast, host Paul Nixon interviews Daryn DeZengotita of Dallas about the creation of community-building space, especially as we repurpose oversized church buildings in the wake of the pandemic.

This podcast is a series of interviews and stories from modern-day field preachers who will make you laugh, cry, and think about how and where we are called to share good news – and to discover what happens when we show up to the Spirit’s work in ordinary places."

About the hosts: Paul Nixon is Director of Church Multiplication for Discipleship Ministries. He and his colleague, Beth Estock, have worked with hundreds of pioneers across North America and beyond, those who care deeply about the people who don’t go inside church buildings. We invite you to join Paul and Beth as they explore the new things God is doing in ordinary places.